It’s The Simple Things

Lately, I have been trying really hard to plan the next day’s activities whether its grocery shopping, mass, a walk to the park or a specific concept I want to introduce to Alizea. After experiencing some “baby blues” I didn’t have with my 1st pregnancy (NOT fun), I realized this was essential to my mental, emotional and physical well being. It gave me purpose to my days, made me feel in control, and not to mention got me out of the house at least once per day! Well, after being away from home and from my baby for almost a week, I decided today would be completely unplanned. Take the day as it comes and let Alizea be the boss! We were re-cooping and reacquainting, especially after hearing how incredibly active my mom kept her. I knew A would be very interested and excited in her toys she had dearly missed and I just wanted to soak up every moment with her! Well, let me tell you, there was MUCH to catch up on! Lots of “lovies”, tickling, giggling, creative play, interacting and LOTS of sharing!

(G’s play mat which is called the “dungle” has become quite the scene for creative ‘Dora the Explorer Adventures’ lately)
Some other precious moments. This is what I saw coming back from a bathroom break…(amazing how quick kids are to finding creative ways to entertain themselves)

Nice color choice accenting those big brown eyes!

She even organized them neatly in a Hot Wheels box. Not bad for a 2 yr, 7 month-old!

Meanwhile, I am curiously distracted by a loud smacking sound. Miss G has found her thumb! Much more convenient than the pacifier which tends to fall out far too often!

In the words of the wisest people I know, “Esto es vida y lo demas es cuento” (this is the life, the rest…just details!)

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