Funny Talk

It seems as though every time you spend an extended period of time with Mimi, you come back a more mature, independent and communicative little girl! Some of your latest phrases:

“No, I do it!”
“Davieve (Genevieve) did a humongous poo-poo” (where in the world did she hear that one?)
“Mommy, Mommy, I made a (pause)…..BIG bubble!”
“Good idea mommy/daddy!” (I had no idea she knew the word “idea” let alone be able to use it in context!)
“Good one mommy!” (at my all-star parenting on female proper etiquette…a loud belch)
“Mommy, ehhh ehhh, Robot Two thousand! (compliments of “Wow Wow Wubsy” 1 of her fav cartoons at the moment – you were pretending to hit something on the wall with the huge blow-up carnival hammer)
“Hey, come back here” (talking to the bath toys floating away)
“Mommy I need you pleeeeeeease” 
“Oh, Okay!” 
A VERY exaggerated W-O-WWWW”
“Scuse me” (when you toot)
“Bless you Davieve”
“I okay mommy, no owie and no blood” (when you fall down)
“it’s okay Davieve, no worry” (when sister starts to fuss/cry)
(when daddy is playing with you) “no not the mall, Target!” 
And my favorite, courtesy of daddy’s awesome intellectual communicating, “cool!”
And for the baby book records, I want to note how expressive and animated you are at the young age of 31 months. You are so passionate about everything you do, including communicating. We are enamored by your body language  from those cute chubby little hands moving from palms face-up to palms face-down to those expressive eyebrows & eyes to the intonation in your voice. You are one entertaining, funny, joyful, spicy little girl!

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