Bath School

Thanks to the fact that A loves bath-time so much, staying in for 45 minutes is not an usual occurrence, & there are lots of unplanned learning opportunities! The ABC ‘s were sung several times. My favorite part, H – I – J – K – ‘a-n-i-m-a-l’ – P ….ha! along with emphatically informing me that “6” and “9” were numbers not letters and belonged “down low, not up high mommy” with the “ABC’s”. She also came up with the word “yak” when I asked her what words began with the letter “Y” which made for a very proud mommy! I guess those lessons with flashcards are paying off and were worth the whines and resistance! When we were putting our “Pj’s” on, I asked Alizea if she was ready for her nighttime movie…
M: “Ready?” 
A: “Re-knee” 
Immediately I get into teaching/correcting mode since we are actively working on pronunciation lately and tell A to watch mommy’s mouth and I say “NOT RE-KNEE sweetheart, RED Deeeeee, Duh Duh” to which she replies, “Not Red D mommy, YELLOW D!!!!” (remembering our lesson in the bath a few minutes prior) 
 I was left speechless. Impressed by the girls’ memory and scratching my head on how I would argue with that one, all I could do was chuckle to myself…rather loudly! ….I’ll have to think hard about that one (teachers: mom & dad, any ideas on how to teach homophones as Ready/Red ‘D’ other than memorization/association?) One thing’s for sure: That girl always, and I repeat, always keeps me on my toes!

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  1. Marisa, my only suggestion as a teacher is to just "go with the flow" and enjoy all the wonders that come the mind of a child. As you've already noticed, they will continue to amaze us and teach us!!!

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